Facebook creates slick real-time tally of users who vote

A fascinating tool from the Facebook Stories team to watch US election day vote confirmation in real time. Some great data is tallied on this page.

It works by anonymously tallying Facebook users who click an “I’m voting!” prompt that’s front and center at the top of the page, above the news feed. If you click, the live tally from the Facebook Stories site takes the banner’s place, presumably for the rest of the day or until you dismiss it, whichever comes first.

Of course, not everyone in the US is on Facebook, and among those who are, not everyone will click this prompt. But Facebook is the largest social network in the world, now with over one billion users, so it has a great shot at creating an interesting data pool. So far, over 4.3 million have clicked.

Bonus points: nothing on the Facebook Stories Vote page needs Flash (I don’t even have it installed). Nice work, Facebook Stories.

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