Don’t wait for Readability’s iOS apps—some apps already support it [Updated]

Update: A number of apps announced Readability integration not long after I originally wrote this, so I’ve been updating the list in stride. Have I missed any? Let me know.

Readability is my read-later service of choice these days, partly because of its polished design and clever URL shortener, but primarily because the service lets me directly contribute to the sites I read most. Its official iOS apps have been caught up in App Store review hell for some odd reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the service on your iPad and iPhone now.

A handful of apps already support sending links to Readability or pulling your article list down for offline reading. I own and have used all of these, and they do their job well:

  • Reeder for iPhone and iPad adds a dedicated Readability section if you enable it in Settings app. True to Reeder form, you can swipe to the left and right on a Readability article’s headline to archive and change its read state
  • The Early Edition 2 for iPad is a unique, stylish Google Reader client that recently added full integration with Readability, including your favorites and archived stories
  • Longform for iPad integrates with and collects a curated list of great articles to read from major news sources and magazines. It also downloads your Readability reading list
  • Pulse for iPhone and iPad is a newsreader which doesn’t require Google Reader, but also syncs with your Readability reading list
  • Writing Kit is a fantastic writing app with a bunch of great, clever features that, like Fraser Speirs, allow me to need my Mac less as a writer. It has a built-in browser for doing research and pulling in quotes with attribution, and you can read and submit links to Readability as well
  • Tweetbot has been my favorite iPhone Twitter client for probably a year or more. I can open a webpage and submit it to Readability from the action menu, but you can also just tap-hold on a link to get the option
  • Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad is another good client that added Readability as a read-later option for links you find in tweets

This list has grown since I originally wrote this post, but I’ve been updating it as more apps announce Readability features. The service seems to be gaining steam with a steady flow of useful, well-designed features that offer perks for both developers and users.

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