iPhone hand closeup

The most excellent Brittany Tarvin of FadingRed asked me to speak to developers at Spiked Cocoa, a yearly party her company throws in Chicago. It was a short “lightning talk” to developers about how to approach the media and get your app noticed. People asked me to put it online, so here is my setup and the slides.

I tweaked the slides a bit from my presentation, but I’ll add a video of my talk if it turns out someone shot one. I’m still new to the speaking thing though, so if you have thoughts on this talk or how I can improve it, let me know.

The setup

I opened my talk by borrowing from a bit by Eddie Izzard about the dilution of our language. If you’ve never seen this joke, you really should if you plan on understanding my approach with this talk.

The talk

Keep in mind we were supposed to keep it under five minutes, so of course I would have loved to expand on the topics I covered and include plenty of others. But if you’re looking for a quick fix of general ideas for approaching the media to get attention for your app, here is an embedded version of my keynote courtesy of iWork.com:

Your App is Not a Hot Dog